Italian design matched with the high quality of materials.

Florence, the city of the Italian Renaissance and fashion, gave to the Piovaccari family the passion for tissues and embroideries. By the end of the 50s this family created an atelier where they produced ribbons and wedding accessories. Soon their products started to be appreciated all over Italy and abroad.

Over the years the company has evolved a lot to embrace the world of the packaging with new materials, new forms and new items.

This big development was made over the years with passion, creativity and competency in the world of ribbons, tissues and bags for packaging.

Piovaccari has the support of many international producers and its own printing and winding laboratory. This company has also a constant relationship with designers and image consultants in order to be always fully informed with the new international trends.

Over the years the company has become very important for the packaging in the florist, paper and bonbonniere fields thanks to the specialization in ribbons, bags and tissues and also items for windows shop, boxes and gifts.

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