Our research is directed to "dress up" an object, a food product or a flower. Christmas, of all occurrences, it is the most important time to express the creativity of the packaging because everything is stretched in enhancing the value of the gift.

Our collection CHRISTMAS / WINTER affects primarily for the wide range of ribbons of all kinds, sizes and colors, allowing you to deal with any idea or possible combination. Our ribbons can be customized on demand thanks to our printing office.

Every year we upgrade our tissue collection with new materials, colours and patterns in order to follow the new trends and to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

It is also relevant the collection of bags and sacks. We have them in many different materials (TNT, polypropylene, juta etc.) and sizes that can be used for various occasions.

Considerable attention has also given to the accessory intended as a final element, enhancing the beauty of the packaging. So, every year we propose new ideas: from the sparkling bijous to ready-bows or the wool brooches and many other things.

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